How far in advance should we book our trolley, and how do we do it?

Usually bookings are made between 8 to 18 months in advance of your wedding date. However, call now to see if your special date is still available. Summer dates sell out faster. Many couples decide on their wedding date based on trolley availability. Plan ahead to ensure your special wedding date.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

A date retainer fee paid by credit card will secure your trolley date. The balance is due 14 days prior to the wedding in the form of a credit card, cash or cashier’s check. The retainer fee is subtracted from your total balance due If you would like more info on pricing, please fill out our quote form here.

How long will we need the trolley for on our wedding day?

Trolleys are booked daily in order to enjoy a stress free day without being rushed or late.

Do the bride and groom usually arrive early to the reception hall

No, actually a lot of the couples arrive up to one half-hour later in order to make a “grand entrance”. Additionally, the reception hall will not open the room or bar early or until the contracted start time of the cocktail hour. This usually means that the bridal party will be waiting in the lobby or going off to a local bar until the reception hall is ready.

How many people does the trolley hold?

We can transport up to 22 adults.

Do the videographer and photographer usually ride on the trolley?

Usually not since after the ceremony the bridal party will travel to a serene location for pictures, and afterwards, the video/photographer will need to go to the reception hall to set up their equipment for the receiving line and portraits. Of course, your photographer is more than welcome to ride along should that better fit your plans.

Is there any commercial advertising inside or outside of the trolley?

NO! The only sign on our trolleys is a “Just Married” sign for you.

Are there seat belts on the trolley?

No. Like many other forms of public transportation (school buses, buses, trains, etc.), seat belts are not required in the State of Ohio.

Can we bring drinks onto the trolley?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring a cooler filled with drinks. No glass permitted.

Can we bring food onto the trolley?

Yes. We highly recommend it. It is unlikely that the bridal party has eaten anything but donuts and coffee for breakfast and they will be in the ceremony at lunchtime. We suggest pre-ordering and arranging with a friend or relative to pick up individually wrapped sub sandwiches, cut into 3 or 4 inch pieces, from a local restaurant or store near the ceremony/church. The friend or relative can drop the food off with the trolley driver during the ceremony or immediately afterwards while the bridal party is inside taking pictures. This will eliminate the bridal party’s need to stop at a fast food restaurant, which will waste anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes of time on the trolley.

Do you have an all white wedding trolley?

No. On purpose, we have green and gold trolleys so that the bride will stand out and be the center of attention in her beautiful dress. The trolley stands out elegantly and independently while providing a beautiful backdrop for pictures that do not take away from the bridal party.